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Dark Chocolate: Healthy or Not?
Some love biting dark chocolate after a meal as dessert.  But others say they will never do that because dark chocolate is not healthy.

Ordinary people sometimes get confused if they should take dark chocolate or not. They wonder if they should proceed in eating the bars of chocolates sent to them by their loved ones during their birthday.

Doctors also have differing opinions if dark choco, which is one of the favourites of many, is good or bad to health.

In the positive side, dark chocolates contain polyphenols. Polyphenols help control cholesterol level among type 2 diabetics. This is the reason why doctors recommend chocolate bars with cocoa content to type 2 diabetics.

On the other hand, dark chocolates have high levels of fat and sugar content. Thus, dark chocolates are not healthy.

With this, doctors cannot tell which outweighs the other.

In the middle of confusion, experts conclude that it is not safe to consume more dark chocolate. Some experts are trying their best to experiment if polyphenols can be added to food with low sugar and fat contents.

One dark chocolate bar usually contains more than 200 calories and about 16 grams of fat. Despite the confusion, people still consume dark chocolates that are available everywhere, especially during Valentine’s Day and Christmas season.

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