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Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks Unsafe
Caffeinated alcoholic drinks are unsafe to consume and they violate federal laws, U.S. Food and Drug Administration announces for public health safety.

According to health experts, mixing alcohol and caffeine is dangerous because the stimulant masks the effects of alcohol, letting people drink long after they would have otherwise stopped.

Recently, several incidents of hospitalization were reported linked with the drinks. In most cases, drinkers are underage.

Margaret Hamburg, FDA Commissioner, says that the combined consumption of high levels of caffeine and alcohol led to a state of "wide-awake drunk". 

She adds that this has been linked to alcohol poisoning, automobile accidents and assault.

David Vladeck, director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, told Reuters:

"Consumers might mistakenly assume that these beverages are safe because they are widely sold."

Meanwhile, the FDA has already sent letters to the manufacturers of these drinks including Phusion Projects LLC, United Brands Co, New Century Brewing Co and Charge Beverages regarding the danger of their products.

Phusion Projects has already responded saying it would remove stimulants from all its products, ahead of the expected move from the health agency.

In a statement, United Brands says they were reviewing the FDA's letter and they will continue complying with all regulations.

The drinks have already been banned in several states including Washington and Michigan.

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