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Damaged Spine Can be Fixed

Despite the thought that back discs are unable to heal themselves, Swedish researchers say that damaged spine can still be grown back. 

They say they have been able to grow human stem cells that would help regenerate a damaged disc.

Their study published in journal Cells, Tissues and Organs, states that injecting stem cells into a damaged animal’s back disc had led the cartilage to repair itself.

Helena Barreto-Henriksson, from the Gothenburg University, told Daily Mail:

“Images taken by MRI showed that the transplanted stem cells survived, that they developed into cells that had a function similar to that of disc cells, and that there was a certain degree of healing in the disc.”

Generally, it may be believed that cartilage has no, or very little, capacity to heal, and the knowledge about how cell division takes place in invertebrate discs is limited, she notes.

Researchers believe that the procedure could be an alternative to back surgery for chronic lower back pain, she added.

Disc degeneration is a change in the properties of invertebrate discs. For lower back pain, degenerative discs are thought to be responsible for the condition.

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