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Running Sport: Good and Bad Effects

Running for 2,800 miles in 64 days may lose fat and muscle but also damages the immune system. 

A study involving runners of the TransEuropeFootRace reveals the good and bad effects of the sport.

The study found that the forty-four runners in the sport lost an average of 5.4 percent of body volume during the race, most of which was in the first 2,000 kilometers. 

The runners also lost 40 percent of their body fat in the first half of the race, and 50 percent over the duration of the race.

The runners were found to lose an average of seven percent of the muscle volume in their legs.

On the other hand, two runners developed bone fractures, one in the pelvis, and the other in the tibia. Three runners were also forced to leave due to rapidly growing infections.

Many of the runners developed overuse injuries such as muscle strain. But they continued to run despite the pain.

Moreover, the study reveals that the runners lost brain volume. However, this was regained a few weeks after the race.

Dr. Uwe Schutz, from University Hospital of Ulm in Germany, told Reuters about the sport:

"No matter how much you eat, it will not be enough to sustain your body."

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