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Surgical Procedure for Hypertension Patients

If you are a patient whose hypertension cannot be controlled with conventional medications, a simple surgical procedure might be a good next option for you to try. 

This procedure, which destroys certain nerves in the kidney, was found to be able to sharply reduce blood pressure in patients taking hypertension medications.

During a study, 52 patients with an average blood pressure of 178/96 recorded that their blood pressure dropped by 32/12. This is despite the fact that they were taking five medications.

On the other hand, a control group of 54 patients receiving only drugs showed no change in their blood pressure.

It was also noted in the study that there was only five of the 52 patients who did not respond to the new kidney treatment.

The patients, who were being followed up for six months already, are still taking drugs. 

In fact, some of them have been able to reduce their doses.

In an earlier trial, some patients who have been followed up for as long as two and a half years reported that their blood pressures have not gone back up.

Moreover, the researchers found no acute damage or significant side effects of the treatment.

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