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5 Things That Helped Me Pass The Licensure Examination For Teachers (LET)
I took the LET in September 25, 2011. It was during the wake of my dear uncle Marion. After finishing the LET, I went to the Rex Chapel to help my relatives with their cleaning tasks.  

By the way, I am a Certificate in Teaching graduate.

1.    Study lamp. I bought one from Tiong San La Trinidad (damn, the personnel who assisted me was so hot) so I could review my notes every night comfortably. I used the lamp to read my LET reviewers even while lying on my bed. My real lamp is a black version of this picture:

2.    Tablet PC. While riding a jeep, I read my LET notes. Everyone may be assuming I was playing Angry Birds (I do sometimes). I saved PDF and Word files on my USB and SD card. I felt technology was so cooperative. 

3.    1980’s LET Reviewer. I found this book accidentally the night before the LET. It was owned by an aunt. She was a teacher and she died even before my birth. The book was called “Civil Service Reviewer for Senior Teachers”. The content was the same with the reviewer I ordered from Philippine Normal University.

4.    PNU Reviewer. It was worth half a thousand pesos. My brother who studies in PNU bought it for me along with some other books that he thought would help me pass the LET. The book contains only General Education and Professional Education review notes. By the way, the book in the picture is not my reviewer.

5.    Photocopy Machines. I always borrowed review materials from friends who review in other centers. I photocopied all the review notes especially if the notes are on English (by the way, I am an English major). Love the man who invented photocopying machines!

A Marketing Communications specialist on weekdays and a life wanderer on weekends, Christian Lizardo Aligo enjoys working in the real estate industry. For more info, email him at [email protected]

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