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GL/Lizardo Buses Going to Sagada

If you want to know more things about Lizardo buses bound to Sagada, I would be glad to help. Look for me on Facebook. I am posting these pictures of buses for you to easily identify the Lizardo buses.

Schedule of trips: from 6AM to 1PM
Bus Station: Dangwa Compound behind Baguio Center Mall
Fare: P220 for regular, P182 for students and senior people

Thanks to our sources!

GL/ Lizardo Tranportation is a an Igorot-owned bus corporation. It is the only bus transport that brings tourists to Sagada. It has also other route services: Baguio City- Tabuk City, Baguio City- Besao, Mountain Province (via Sagada) and Baguio City- Baler, Aurora.

Picture: Along Halsema High Way. 

GL/Lizardo Bus: The Luxury Version

GL/Lizardo Bus: The Lizardo Bus Facade

GL/Lizardo Bus: Joyride Later

GL/Lizardo Bus: Lizardo Bus at Rest

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