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Titanic Simply the Best Movie

If there is one movie that does not bore me, that would be James Cameron’s Titanic. I saved its movie file on my laptop. I admit I have watched it around five times already. I usually watch an ordinary movie twice if I feel the movie is really of good quality. Titanic has been created with potion that forces every viewer to repeat watching the movie again and again.

Moreover, James Cameron’s Avatar is one of the movies that I have repeated more than twice. Reviewers and critics explain why Cameron’s works are simply the best works.

Let me go back to the scenes in Titanic. Titanic is a classics, a perfect movie that combined good acting, good story, good music and good direction. Even when I grow more white hairs, I will still be sting in front of my laptop and dramatically watching the movie.

Titanic: The love story of Jack and Rose that everyone fell in-love with. The love story is based from Romeo and Juliet. It tells the story of two star-crossed voyagers who will never be together because fate has it that they will never stay together.

Titanic: This is the remains of the ship. It was discovered tens and years after its sinking. The ship's tale is based from true story but the story of Jack and Rose is fiction. 

Titanic: Let us start with the very bright start of the movie. Titanic was a known big ship that was over-expected not to sink because it was a well-built machine made by man. 

But what is left of the movie? This image! The climax of the movie. This is considered as one of the most dramatic scenes of all time. It utilized natural sunset. Titanic is simply the best. 

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