17700- No reporting or grading

1780- Yale University used a 4-oiunt scale grading system. The rate: optima, 2nd optima, inferiors, pejoves

1830- Harvard University made use of the first numerical scale which is a 20-point scale

1877- Harvard began classifying students into 6 divisions
1-   90 and above on a scale of 100
2-   2-75-90
3-   60-74
4-   50-59
5-   40-49
6-   Below 40

1897-Mount Holyoke University first used letter grade
A-   Excellent- 95-100
B-   Good- 85-94
C-   Fair-76-84
D-   Passed-75
E-   Failed-Below 75

1880-Schools used several grading systems

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