Try to look again at the  "Bible Ambassador" named Manny Pacquaio who was born Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquaio.

1. Has a child with another woman. Sorry Jinky but you are not alone in his heart. And you know the fact that Manny has been womanizing. Let's not mention Krista Ranillo. I say, let's not mention him spotted in the same hotel room in the City of Penis...ohh, Pines (sorry just a typo-graphical error).

2. Self-confessed gambler. He knows gambling is a sin as prescribed by the bible and his waterloo as prescribed by his mind. Before he became a famous boxer, he has been spending hours of his days in the gambling fields.

3. Major endorser of San Miguel liquor product lines. Together with Kris Aquino, Manny Pacquaio is a major major endorser of San Miguel beer, gin and other products. He endorses GSM with his ever-interesting Mommy Dionisia who is battling against a disease called Senator Miriam-Defensor Santiago virus. I'll pray for you Mommy D.

4. Best friend of Chavit Singson. Chavit has been known for almost killing his common law wife for looking for a more handsome man (a real man). Chavit's son Ronald became very popular after he was caught in a Hong Kong airport with illegal drugs, which Chavit called fabricated and framed-up. Ronnie who is Lovi Poe's yesterday's friend is today's boyfriend and tomorrow's hater. 

5. At war with BIR regarding his taxes, for the second time. He has a set of accountants that manage his money but still the Bureau of Internal Revenue does not rate his tax-paying activities "Godly Transparent" and "Godly True".

6. A top absentee in the Congress. He has spent all his Congress days rehearsing for his shows on GMA 7 and for his boxing fights in Las Vegas, Nevada. His contender is the former president of the Republic of the Philippine Islands, called Maharlika by first lady in one-hundred pairs of shoes Imelda Marcos, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

 Manny Pacquaio is a Bible Ambassador. Repeat after me. So help me God. Amen.