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Joseph Kony, Olympic Missiles, Ali Abdullah Saleh

Wanted: Joseph Kony

The Unites States is now looking for Joseph Kony. Thanks US for being such a savior. And for not being so sensitive when my aunt Miriam Defensor-Santiago said you are overworked and oversexed. Joseph Kony must be using the media to know where these Whites are. He will be watching CNN and BBC to know the whereabouts of the people who will catch him. Joseph Kony die at once!

Olympic Missiles

Missiles will be positioned on the rooftops of houses in London during the upcoming London Olympics. Many people are now thinking the missile will be a cause of anxieties. Blame North Korea for the erroneous perception about missiles. Missiles are for protection, not for destruction.Excited for the Olympics in London but not excited to see people panic when they see the missiles!

Ali Abdullah Saleh

Ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh is set to to leave Yemen temporarily. Saleh, come and get your plane ticket here! No hidden charges!

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