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LET Review Notes
Here are some notes that I found in my archives. I miss those days when I was reviewing for the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Before and after sleeping, I did nothing but to read my LET Review notes. I took my review in Baguio City by the way. I have posted also a few more notes to help LET takers this September 30, 2012 on 

Patterns of Inheritance

1.    Dominant-Recessive Relationship- manifestation of dominant gene

2.    Co-dominance- both of the genes influence the individual

3.    Mutation- sudden permanent changes in the DNA either naturally through cell division or with the aid of environmental factions like radiations and toxic wastes

4.    Polygenetic Inheritance- many genes determine the characteristics of an individual

Early Childhood Terms

Gross Motor Skills- controlled by larger muscles of the body. Example: running, sense of balance, gallop, ball skills

Fine Motor Skills- controlled by smaller muscles of the body. Example: fit puzzles, copying signs, building blocks

Immunization- stimulate the body to make antibodies that provide protection against a particular disease

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