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April 27, 2012 Happenings: Pakistani PM, Son of Bo Xilai, Bin Laden's Wife etc

The Pakistani Prime Minister is guilty of contempt of court. But he will not be jailed for doing such. And he won’t resign. He only showed that the highest man in a state can violate a serious law without penalty. Philippines, you are not allowed. DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima must be happy with this news.

British businessman Neil Heywood who was found dead inside his room in a Chinese hotel is not a spy, according to Britain. No evidence is available to prove the claim that the businessman is a spy. The truth sets you free. What is hot to track? The son of Bo Xilai! Party boy! Check this out! 

Bin Laden’s widows and children were deported to Saudi Arabia. It is the choice of the family who are now left with nothing but the memory of their padre de pamilya who hasd killed thousands and fathered 11.

The tension between Argentina and Britain over the Falkland Islands is getting stronger. The British government is still insisting that it owns the area. This is exactly colonization in the modern age! Argentine President Cristina Kirchner should date Britain’s PM David Cameron and talk about this. Or else I go straight to Queen Elizabeth II.

In campaign speeches,  VP Joe Biden always utter three phrases: “tax cuts”; “social security” and “middle class”. 

Congratulations to Bob Dylan, John Glenn and Toni Morrison. They will be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their efforts. Mabuhay these people who have something to offer!

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