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Vicki Missing Hayden: Call It Real Love

Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, who can make vaginas tighten for pleasure, admits she misses her young lover Dr. Hayden Kho. After all the pains he has caused her and the joy slash money she has brought to his life, Vicki still sees the sex addict a loss. 

What does Hayden Kho possess that Vicki cannot leave him to other people who like to get a second-hand bed buddy! The Philippines- and the world, know how fool this handsome doctor had been. Hayden is a sex animal just like any other handsome guy (oops not all). Actress Katrina Halili knows that and can even go to Senate again and testify against his once bed lover.

Undeniably, Hayden has the face and has the body. But that thing that makes every woman (and gays) happy seems to be in question especially if you have watched all his short movies captured by a little camera called “webcam”.

I shall declare it is love. Shakespeare can do a better review on the love of the two doctors- whose birth eras are three stars away. William shall make a better blog about the two hearts who shall end as loyal wife and adulterer husband. 

A Marketing Communications specialist on weekdays and a life wanderer on weekends, Christian Lizardo Aligo enjoys working in the real estate industry. For more info, email him at [email protected]

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