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Annabel Rama Running For Congress: Let’s Pollute Philippine Election

Annabel Rama, a known manager and actress of GMA 7 due to her unprofessional acts, has just registered as a Cebu voter. Commission on Elections took her photo with a label "i'ts more fun registering at COMELEC".

She will run for Congress next election. She likes to formally pull Philippines down. She likes to further pollute a polluted political landscape.

Her idols in politics are two very handsome men. The first is Joseph Ejercito Estrada and the second is Aga Muhlach. They are all willing to transfer to different areas to be given the chance to lead.

The celebrity will use Twitter to launch her political career. She will be tweeting about her political agenda and the resolutions she drafted. Her first resolution aims to declare Nadia Montenegro “persona non grata” in Cebu. However, Nadia can be more than welcome in Cebu if Montenegro promises to pay all the kitchen utensils she bought from Annabel Rama. 

Cebu people will vote for her. Cebu people love actors and actresses from Manila.

Annabel Rama will make her only daughter Ruffa Gutierez (not Raymund) as her secretary. Ruffa will be organizing parties every time her mother fights with someone else on Twitter. Rama will be awarded as the "worst congressman of all time". 

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