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Baguio Bloggers’ Conference

I first learned about the upcoming first Baguio Bloggers’ Conference when Katherine Pe, my friend on Twitter, sent me a tweet containing a link. She asked me to check the URL out. I was redirected to the site of Cordillera Bloggers.

I am not a blogger. I work as a Public Relations writer for an Australian software company. I have a blog called “Christian Lizardo Aligo” which was previously titled “Christian Aligo Now” but still, I cannot consider myself as a blogger. My blog receives fairly good traffic. I write anything that crosses my mind in the blog. I tackle politics, celebrity gossips, my Lizardo family and other things that interest me.

However, joining a group will not hurt me. So, I found myself registering. Tomorrow, I will be attending the conference at the University of Baguio Square Hall. I will try my best to arrive early. I’ve seen the list of registered people and I see some familiar names.

I am a bit excited to know more things about blogging. I do not find myself to be a blogger but I am sure I need the lessons that they will impart to us. And besides, the seminar is free. Thanks to sponsors.

Here is a list of the guest speakers and what are they going to talk about:

Janette Toral - Digital Filipino - Making a Difference Through Blogging and Social Media: A Call to Action

Avelmar Manansala - GenSan News Online Magazine -Blogging Communities: The Soccsksargen Bloggers Story

Antonio Caranzza Jr.- Pusang Kalye - Do's and Dont's in Event Blogging

Fitz Villafuerte - Ready to Be Rich - How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Azrael Coladilla - Azrael's Merryland - Personal Branding and Social Media Marketing

Dean Cuanso - Wat Wat World - Monetizing Your Blog

Florencio Jusay Jr. - Manual To Lyf - Blogging Adventure: How to Make Blog Post Exciting

Ane Fallarme - Milk Cereals and Chips - Food Blogging

Joven Chico - Travex Travels - The Travel Blogging Experience

See you all Cordillera bloggers! Will be seeing how Dan Feleciano, one of my favourite bloggers, looks like. Just kidding. See you all!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner based in Ortigas Center. In the past eight years, he has passionately worked with real estate, software, and IT service brands. To get in touch, please shoot at email to [email protected]

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