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Ian Somerhalder as Penshoppe Endorser

Damon Salvatore just arrived in the Philippines for a mission. He will be looking for more vampires ("aswang" in the native tongue) in the country. Just kidding! Ian Somerhalder, a popular actor in Hollywood, is the new face of clothing brand Penshoppe.

Penshoppe has been hiring super hot guys to endorse the brand. Somerhalder is the next to Zac Efron (check for my post on him being naked) and Thai superstar Mario Maurer who starred in “Crazy Little Things Called Love” . Somerhalder is doing all the projects regarding Penshoppe in a week.

Now, will this move boost the sales of the Filipino brand? I guess yes. I in a week also.This is a very big move to introduce the world to the Filipino brand. Maybe, the brand is planning for a massive expansion.

How about getting an English or European actor? I suggest Penshoppe to get Michael Fassbender. Fassbender is not just the hottest Irish actor in the world. He just conquered the world with Shame. He has also the largest swell ever seen on big screen. Sounds naughty!

The Vampire Diaries actor, for sure, will be dining in Filipino restaurants and will be meeting up with the Filipino press. 

Spoiler: reporters will ask “how about Filipinas?” and his answer would be “Filipinas are beautiful”. Scripted!

In recent reports, the actor showed his support to the environment. I just wonder if he is also an advocate of same-sex marriage in the United States. Tips how to reach out to him. Here! These are secrets so keep these info to yourself :)

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