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Labor Day Blind Items
 1. This school has been preparing for a very important event. They estimated that the participant of this event would soar up to thousands so they have to mobilize a big number of people to ready everything. When the main event came, they only registered half a thousand. The event was even spiced up with some oral arguments and baseless criticisms against a real hero. 

2.    This very young lady has been fighting for an advocacy that only she and her close-minded friends can identify with. They are losing (because they are losers) or should I say they have lost, so they need to invent stories to the public. And they are accusing their opponents of inventing stories, too.

3.    An editor has been extracting money from an innocent writer. The book is now out and it is a  bit expensive for its kind. However, this editor who is claimed to be assisting the writer since Day 1 of the book production just enjoyed the money. She was not able to spot dozens of typographical errors in the book. Her eyes were not good enough to look for pages with serious errors.

A Marketing Communications specialist on weekdays and a life wanderer on weekends, Christian Lizardo Aligo enjoys working in the real estate industry. For more info, email him at [email protected]

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