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Strange Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

Strange Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

1.    The Queen’s favorite authors are P.D. James, Agatha Christine and Dick Francis. She loves thriller novels. 

2.    The Queen enjoys taking photographs of her family. She is a photographer herself. 

3.    The Queen launched the British Monarchy website in 1997. The royal family has also official YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook pages also.

4.    Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip of Greece are third cousins. The Queen fell in love with  the Greek royalty when she was 13.

5.    The Queen’s childhood name was "Lilibet". She cannot pronounce her name properly.

6.    The Queen knows how to drive a car. She learned about the skill in 1945.

7.    The Queen is not a party animal. But she has organized hundred parties.

8.    The Queen calls her husband Prince Phillip “sausage” and “cabbage”.

9.    The Queen is the fortieth monarch of the Great Britain. The first monarch was William the Conqueror in 1066.

10. The Queen was born in April 21, 1926 by Caesarean section at exactly 2: 40 AM. She was born at 17 Burton Street, Mayfair.

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