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Concert for Jasson Awisan

Jason Gambulao Awissan, a Louisian currently working at the University of Baguio (according to his Facebook account),  needs our brotherly touch. He needs an amount of money for his dialysis.

Group of artists including the Blind of Baguio Group, The Singing Priests, PNP Combo Band, XY-Genes Band and UB Graces, Orchestra & Glee are performing on July 7 (6PM) at the UB Cardinals Gym for him.

Other artists are contributing to the success of the concert called “A Voice for Jasson”. One of them is my friend Kenneth Anthony Castillo. General admission is P100.00. Contact Jason himself via his Facebook account to know more details about this cause. Click here

Dear Jason: We can do this! God is with us :)

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