The spirit of camaraderie among Igorots is what is making Cordillera strong through the years. 

This was proven when a building of Saint James High School in Besao, Mountain Province was burned down last week. The community was there to clean the area and to assist the school in keeping the campus safe from the left-over of the fire. 

No more computer laboratory! But we were able to tell the world that Igorots are simply the best people!. If that fire happened in other areas, people would be waiting for the government to clean up the debris, nails, metals and charcoal from the burned building.

And now, a group of Besao folks in Hong Kong is organizing themselves to help in rebuilding the school. The spirit is on. Kudos! Thanks God we were born Igorots!

We would like to encourage everyone to share their blessings. The donations will help in educating people from Besao and nearby towns. Just send them through the GL/Lizardo bus line (addressed to SJHS) if you are around Metro Baguio.

Let us prove that Igorots are the best!