At 4 in the morning this Sunday, PAGASA spotted typhoon “Ambo” 290 km east of Aparri, Cagayan. It is moving away from the country, fortunately.

In a recent interview with the typhoon, he said “I am sorry. I should have known that many Filipinos are still suffering from the cruelty of my brothers and sisters who visited this country!"

Last month, the typhoon came to the Philippines but left immediately. When he arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), he saw actress Claudine Barretto and journalist Ramon Tulfo fighting. He decided to leave immediately and told CNN “It is more fun in the Philippines”.

Ambo was then interviewed by ABS-CBN News’ Kim Atienza live via telephone patch. Atienza was able to investigate on the real cause why Ambo kept on coming to the Philippines. It was learned that the real reason is “it’s rainy season”.

Regarding his favorite Filipino dishes, Ambo said he likes adobo the most. The second in the list is "Franklin Drilon". When asked why, he said "Mr. Anonymous said so". Finally, he gave a statement regarding this blog and he was fast in expressing "wala kang kuwentang blogger!".