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Starting today, I am going to separate boxes containing Nivea Moisturizer and Tobleron chocolates. Starting today, I will label bottles with "edible" and "poisonous when eaten" notes.
-Overseas Filipino Worker in Japan to her children in the Philippines who thought that Nivea Moisturizer is also an edible good from abroad.

Starting today, I will declare the real amount of my house and my love to the Basa Family. I do not like to be impeached again.
-Former Chief Justice Renato Corona who is still deciding whether to enter politics or not.

Starting today, I will practice writing with my good penmanship. Maggie Thatcher was able to win the hearts of her soldiers when she wrote a letter to their families without using a keyboard.
-Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Starting today, I will not look for men who will make my life more miserable. I will not let myself be fooled again by an action star, a comedy actor and a basketball player.
-Actress Kris Aquino who was asked by her brother President Noynoy Aquino to stop commenting about his poor love-life.

Starting today, I will never sell frozen goods inside my classroom. I will never promote my networking products during Parents, Teachers and Community Association meetings.
-Teacher XXX who was ordered by the principal slash customer to stop making her classroom a business site.

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