Weather Forecast:

A new super typhoon hits Baguio City, removing thick masks on the face of politicians there. The new typhoon is named "Grace Bandoy", which is now a Facebook phenomenon. It is creating disputes among the anti-Shoe Mart group members. 

Until now, the real identity of the typhoon is not fully known by the public. Grace Bandoy speaks Ilocano, signifying that the typhoon may have been born in the highlands. 

The super-mega-for-all-seasons typhoon continues to bring more wind to the City of Pines, wetting the make-up of some mad politicians. As it continues to pull the roof of the Baguio City Hall, people in the city remain to be confused. In an interview with Bagulitos, it was learned that they are aware of how deadly this typhoon is.

According to the city wind agency, the wind produced by Grace Bandoy is the most poisonous. The wind produced by typhoon Danilova Molintas that hit Sagada years ago comes second. Grace Bandoy is gaining more strength as it uncovers catastrophic secrets.