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Why (Former) Chief Justice Renato Corona Lost

Filipino historians are busy updating the timeline of our country. The chief judge of was adjudged “guilty”. Renato Corona should now vacate the Supreme Court before the first 2012 typhoon hits the country.

Meanwhile, the attention of the public is getting back to the former president and now Pampanga congressman Glora Macapagal- Arroyo. After Arroyo, the public will focus on the hairstyle of Congressman Tobias Tiangco.

Why did Renato Corona lose the fight? This is a serious question. And it needs serious answers (that is a big joke).

1.    Renato Corona did not divulge the true amount of his wealth in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).

Here is the true SALN (no need for BIR to verfiy) from Mr. Anynymous:

Assets: Wife Cristina and Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Sefarin Cueavas
Liabilities: The Basa family, ABS-CBN news reports and PNoy Aquino
Net worth: Yet to be accomplished, yet to be downloaded, yet to be declared

Corona made another mistake: he did not reveal who made the script of his speech during press conferences and summits.

2.    Renato Corona did not hire a better Publicity Team to handle his public image. The attractiveness of Midas Marquez was not enough to soften Corona's devilish image. Given that the female population has been reached via Marquez'es charm, the male population was left behind. Corona should have hired Shamcey Supsup or the real beauty queen Pokwang.

3.    Renato Corona had no sister named Kris. Having a sister named Kris is everything. A sister with that name will own the trust of a firm owned by a businessman named Gabby. And every time the prosecution panel will appear like Department of Justice head Laila De Lima, the firm will release video interviews with experts. 

4.    Renato Corona lost because God said so. God said it is time for him to leave Public Service. God said it is time for him to stop judging because he was meant for another thing. But God also noted: 

“good job for the Hacienda Luisita ruling. I like it very much.”

5.    Renato Corona lost because of the wheel chair he was riding after delivering a speech. The wheelchair symbolizes “scapegoating” in the Philippine political arena. The former president was riding a wheelchair when she was blocked by immigration officers in an attempt to go  abroad. Doctor Vicky Belo also used a wheelchair to escape from paparazzis and gossip kings, but failed.

Corona should have used another type of chair: electric chair. 

The truth is that Renato Corona lost because he is an unfortunate loser (makes sense?). Win or lose, he will always bear a tainted reputation. However, he will be able to regain the respect someday. Corona is a country’s pride (he is brighter than the president one million times). He is well-respected in the international community. All senators who voted against him will run for a seat next year. They will win at the expense of Corona’s reputation and the Supreme Court seat.

Now that the chief justice is out, what's next? Who's next?  Is the Philippines now 20 Billion US Dollar richer? Was the impeachment trial able to help Overseas Filipino workers from their abusive employers? Was the impeachment trial able to pass the Reproductive Health bill in the Senate? Was the impeachment trial able to feed thousands of hungry children in Mindanao? Was the impeachment trial able to bring Charice back to Glee? Was the impeachment trial able to fix the broken relationship of KC Conception and Piolo Pascual? Let's see the coming days about the good effect of the impeachment trial. 

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