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Real Estate Baguio: Dream Condominiums and House and Lots for Sale

Who needs a home? Everyone does. It is a symbol of stability in life. A house and lot property serves as a medal for people who have been working hard. Kudos to them!

In Baguio City, Goshenland was born to give an alternative way of obtaining a house and lot property or a simple condominium. As everyone knows, building a house deals with thorough planning and professional construction. Goshenland does all the stressful processes.

Goshenland has been awarded as the best real estate developer in the metro for years. It is one of the most trusted brands in the Cordilleras.

Back to the question: who needs a home in Baguio City?

1.    Students. Baguio City is a home to tens of thousands of students from both highlands and the lowlands. Students need dormitory- condominium spaces while taking their lessons in best schools in the metro. Learn more about condo-dorm spaces that are perfect for students, the future managers of our country.

2.    Bachelors. Condominiums are what bachelors need while enjoying their work in the City of Pines. Buying condominium units is an ideal preparation for married life. Bachelors working in Metro Manila can also have a place here in Baguio to stay whenever they long for the fresh air of Baguio. Let us check the wonderful condominium designs

3.    Families. House and lot properties are developed for the comfort of married people who are obliged to provide their kids a safe and happy home. A house to call your own is well-treasured. Just like bachelors in other areas, having a vacation houses here in Baguio is advantageous. Staying in hotels during Panagbenga, Holy Week, Christmas and other occasions is a waste of money. Why not buy a house here in Baguio and come up anytime you like to taste strawberry jam! Check out the available house and lot estates for families, big or small.

4.    Businessmen. Real estate investment provides a very promising income, as proven in decades. Businessmen have their own style of turning their real estate investments into more money. Opportunities in real estate are really profitable, dealing with 10-digit numbers. Some buy house and lots then lease the house to people. Others use their properties for business purposes. 

For assistance in buying real estate properties in Baguio City, Goshenland’s top seller Roman Joe Anoso can help. Roman, who is one of the Gosheland’s most trusted personnel, is also a housing and loan broker for the Bank of the Philippine Island. Send him an email now. Click here. 

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