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Let’s Move and Let’s Love

Note: Please watch this video first before moving you will understand why I really love Celtic music. 

Twenty-three, hopeful and raw! That is Christian Lizardo Aligo- myself- who just recently gained two friends and two enemies. I live six hours away from my hungry family and miles away from the ideal world.

This October, I promise myself to do something great that will surely define my future: to boost my love for myself.

Honestly, the only bonding I have with myself happens every Saturday morning when I do the laundry alone while listening to Celtic music. That scene is sacred to me. To boost my love for myself, I just need a pen and paper. 


I am a writer. I want to spice up my life by writing on a paper with my bare two hands. I want to go back to old days when I had no laptop and used a pen and a piece of paper to express how frustrating and thrilling life is.

I will move and love myself more that what I did in the past few months. I spent sleepless nights after a friend died. I used my time organizing a charitable event for a neighbor who is sick of leukemia. I exhausted myself managing a big family reunion. Now, myself deserves more love from me. Just a pen and paper!

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Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner based in Ortigas Center. In the past eight years, he has passionately worked with real estate, software, and IT service brands. To get in touch, please shoot at email to [email protected]

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