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Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Final Tips

This 30th of September, thousands of teachers will take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Once they pass the board exam, they can already teach in public schools. The license will also serve as their ticket for employment in government offices. 

And our final coaching tips! By the way, if you have received no review session on Media Literacy, click here. 

1.    Use common sense to answer questions. Do not overreact, over-solve and over-analyze problems. LET questions, just like any other ordinary question, are simple.

 2. All questions have answers. Do not questions the questions. Do not believe in other people saying “shade letter E if there is no answer in the choices”. There is no instruction like that (unless PRC comes up with a new set of directions). Get the nearest choice to the answer if you find a question very mysterious.

3.    Never believe in what past takers say about the things what to expect. Personally, I was disappointed because the things I was told to expect did not come out during the exam. 

4.    LET questions are not all from what our Education teachers have taught us. Some are from the lessons our teachers in Kindergarten have given us. Others are from the folk tales of our grannies when we were teenagers.

5.    Practice how to shade using a pencil. This is very crucial. Grab a thick paper and a pencil, and practice shading.

6.    Do not review the night before the board exam. Start relaxing two days before the exam. Go out with your friends. Relax.

7.  When answering LET questions, answer questions that are short and simple before proceeding to long and tough items. If you think you cannot answer an item, simple move on the next item. Do not spend more than two minutes of your precious time on just one item.

8.    Do not eat strange foods days before you take the exam. Getting sick and having diarrhea are a big no-no before and during the LET. However if these unwanted things still happen, take meds immediately.
9.    You might get very nervous before or while answering questions. Bring water. Remember, nervousness is caused by lack of confidence. Lack of confidence is caused by the feeling that you did not review well. Thus, review well and you won’t get nervous at all.

10.  You cannot answer all questions correctly. Admit it. You cannot review everything. That's the reality. You cannot prepare all the things you want to prepare. Human nature! So two days before the exam, clean up your desk whether you think you are done with the review or not. It’s time to pray to God for guidance. This time, your mind set should be “whatever comes, I’ll try my best to finish this”.

Treat LET as an ordinary exam, because it is! LET becomes simple once you believe that you have already reviewed. One last word: God will never answer any of the LET questions for you. He will just guide you. So keep reviewing, we have days to go before the big day!

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