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Names of Politicians Googled
We Googled the name of some top politicians in the region. And here is what we have found out! This is exciting. 

Maximo Dalog. Dalog has got a JUNIOR! (because he is a senior, makes sense?). The Mountain Province politician has a very outstanding Facebook account. 

Morris Domogan. Domogan's Wikipedia page is the leading in Google Search results. Excellent use of social media for reputation management! 

Elaine Sembrano. The mother politician is well-associated with her famous daughter Bernadette. Awesome!

Bernardo Vergara. Thanks to Google, we learned that he is the richest representative in Cordillera. A good story or a devastating publicity for Vergara? 
 Nestor Fongwan. Fongwan has a very nice Search results. But we can make it better. He is well-associated with the province of Benguet which he loves so dearly. 

Peter Fainza. Okay, it seems he is the only politician who is on LinkedIn. The social networking site is known to be for professionals. Plus points for Fianza!

Why not control the internet so that it will provide you an election-winning Search results. Meaning when someone tries to Google your name, all the best “pogi points” stories about you will appear in the first Search results pages. Not just your Facebook accounts and YouTube pages. 

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