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Meet Mr. Heavy Traffic (Northern Informer)

Note: Published by Northern Informer (September 30, 2012 Issue). Grab your copy now!

Mr. Heavy Traffic lives along La Trinidad-Baguio City road, but sometimes resides near Teacher’s Camp.

He loves jogging every 7:30 in the morning and 6 in the evening when everyone seems to be busy rushing to go somewhere else.

When he goes to town, everyone is super worried.

He keeps on reminding people to wake up early, but he is always ignored by many.

During parents-teachers conferences, Mr. Heavy Traffic is always blamed for punctuality problems among students.

In some instances, Mr. Heavy Traffic visits hot-tempered motorists and PUJ drivers who love stopping in front of “no loading/unloading” signs.

Some people mistakenly identify Mr. Heavy Traffic as Mr. DPWH because wherever Mr. DPWH is, Mr. Heavy Traffic is also present there.

Even in New York City, Mr. Heavy Traffic is distressing people.

He is a famous celebrity, even more notable than Lady Gaga.

As long as no Da Vinci of the Road has invented a machine that would slay this bandit, Mr. Heavy Traffic will keep destroying lives and dreams of people who do not know how to use their alarm clocks.

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