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Amalayer Awardee: Paula Jamie Salvosa

The Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars, is creating a new category called “Amalayer Award” to cater to a very talented Filipina performer who is seen to be the next Lea Salonga. (Note: please check the update below)

She is Paula Jamie Salvosa, who claims to be a student radio disk jockey. Check out her performance on YouTube.

She is now gaining extensive publicity for her classy acting capabilities. Hollywood director Steven Spielberg showed interest in developing the acting skills of  23-year old Filipina. 

"Yeah, she can play Sadako, " Spielberg was quoted by an anonymous source of Tiktik.

Meanwhile, President PNoy Aquino said the Amalayer awardee can also win the Order of Lakandula. According to the president, his office will consider her name in the list of potential recipients of the special award.

In other reports, actor Robert Carabuena expressed his interest in getting Paula as his leading lady in an upcoming movie called "Tondo Moments". 

Extra: everyone can go up close and personal with the superstar via Twitter. Check out her tweets. #amalayer: 

#amalayer: Just deactivate your Twitter account.

 #amalayer: Hmmmmmmmm......Is Paula Jamie Salvosa from De La Salle? (According to a comment she is NOT) Oh, how educated!

 #amalayer: Let's talk in front then. Not BEHIND HER BACK.

 #amalayer: BIAS PEOPLE? 

#amalayer: TO LEARNED HER MISTAKE? LESSONS TO SA LAHAT? Hmmmmm, English 101. 

#amalayer: Yes, I think so. Ganyan din ba mga educated na tao?

#amalayer: What do you think of the Amalayer Queen?

UPDATE: Since she is the top trending topic today, someone produced a parody video of Ms. Amalayer's clip! Check it out..

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