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Benguet’s Adivay 2012: What's Odd?

“Adivay” is an Ibaloi term referring to a simple family gathering. The word proves that "v" is not a borrowed letter in the Filipino alphabet, diva? 

Now, Adivay is one of the major festivity brands in Northern Luzon. Benguet's Adivay Festival is becoming a major celebration in the highlands, with thousands of Benguet people- both the Kankanaeys and the Ibalois, gathering in a jolly tune.

With my shorts and curiosity of the new things in this year’s Adivay Festival, I went to Wangal Sports Complex on November 24. Of course it was a sunny day (thanks God, the weather did cooperate well) so I was in my jogging outfit. Something as disgusting as this:

And I saw many things I was supposed to not share with you.

Adivay 2012: Horses, Cowboys and Pooh-poohs. I enjoyed listening to Country music while staring at the cowboys and horses. And of course, there were some pooh-poohs of horses on the ground!

Adivay 2012: Organic Vegetables. Benguet produces tons and tons of organic vegetables. And I love the name of this entry: Eat Your Yard!

Adivay 2012: Talking about organic, I forgot to mention that this is something organic also!

Adivay 2012: Greetings! Of course, there is no feast without some greetings from politicians, politicos and epal-iticos. 

What do you think of this year's Adivay? What have you noticed that you should not notice? 

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