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Reasons Why Barack Obama Got Re-elected

With a score of 332-206, Barack Obama was again elected as the President of the United States of America. Going nuts, why did he win the November 6, 2012 US election?

1.     During his campaign, he presented his plan on how to give Americans a brighter future. On the other hand, Romney presented a plan on how to replace Obama in office. Romney could have gained more voters if he talked about leche flan!

2.    Obama did not pick a better-looking Vice President. He chose a simple public servant, who has no six pack abs, does not listen to music on an iPod, and is not named "Paul Davis Ryan".

3.    Blacks support Blacks. Whites are divided. Some support Whites; others support Blacks.

4.    Obama has a solid support from world's best people like Beyonce. Romney has Donald Trump and Clint Eastwood!

5.    Obama is a mixture of many races. He is Black, Irish and Caucasian. He is an international flavor. Romney is simply a Caucasian.

6.    Did you know that when Obama was still a Senator, he visited Sagada? And he checked in at Sagada Rock Farm Inn. Sagada is a lucky charm for any politician seeking for a second term in office. Book your Sagada tour; email me now.

7.    No one likes a businessman running a country. In fact, businessmen are among the most hated people in the world. That is why one of them was murdered in China.

8.    The plot of the movie 2012 presented an Black American president. Since 2012 is not yet over, let’s not break that rule.

9.    Blue is more attractive that the bloody red!

10. Obama is not boring. People love talking about his birth certificate.

Okay, let’s be more serious this time. What do you think is the real reason why Barack Obama got re-elected? Your sexy comments are much appreciated! 

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