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Missing: Levy Aleo Tumapang

This weekend, we were shocked to learn that a fellow Levy Aleo Tumapang has been missing for two weeks already.

In a Facebook post, Tumapang’s younger sister broke the news that they cannot contact any of Levy’s phone numbers.

“I wonder where he is right now? My younger brother Levy Aleo Tumapang whose picture appears here is missing. Please give us ANY information of his whereabouts. He's been inactive for 2 weeks now. His last post on fb was on 17th of November 2012. We can't contact his 2 cellphone numbers. Please pray for his safety. Thank you so much. God Bless.”

Moreover, another Facebook post reveals that Cherissa Pelogna- Tumapang mentioned that Levy left to Alfonso Lista using a vehicle with plate number AHM 947.

If we have some information that can help resolve this worrisome situation, please call Hotline 117 or report to your nearest police station.

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