UPDATED: Hurting your students is a serious sin to teachers. 

However, this teacher from Montessori Professional College in Pasay in the country's capital metro has no fear of committing this unforgiveable and demonic crime. I learned about the video on Facebook and when gave it a try, I was really upset. The gay teacher is indeed evil!

In fact, ABS-CBN News reported about this controversy. Where's the "PROFESSIONAL" thing in this school then?

The involved teacher, who is a personality development instructor, has physically hurt one student. I am a licensed teacher myself and I know that hitting even a hair of your student is a big violation of the Code of Ethics for Teachers.

However, I realized that the teacher in the video is a damn COLLEGE teacher. I know of some college teachers who do not deserve to be teaching our kids but they still work as educators. Well that is college teaching, wherein the standard of teaching is NOT strictly and absolutely observed.

Take a look at this video. Play it twice if you need to, and comment below what you think of this teacher.