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Baguio Temperature Drops Again

Baguio City is known for its dropping air temperature that has been attracting thousands of touristsfrom the lowlands. Last week, temperature here continued to drop to 11 degrees Celsius- ordinary news for a highlander like me.

According to the weather bureau, we experience the height of the cold weather from 11PM to 4AM. Last Christmas, the weather was okay here with minimal drizzling.

Baguio is cold. However, Atok, Benguet is colder. If you are a tourist who wants to experience extreme coldness, go there. Atok is located a few miles away from the city.

This cold wind from the northern hemisphere will last in February, before the colorful Panagbenga Festival starts. Mind you, I prefer having a cold weather, rather than getting storms and rains all throughout the year.

Since the cold weather started, flu cases drastically increased in the city. Americans would love to hear this story. They are not alone.

To combat the cold weather, I sleep with two blankets wrapped around me. I wear socks and sweater. Paracetamol keeps me going also, since my Vitamin C bottle is already empty. In the morning, I bath with cold water after sipping cups of coffee (or sometimes milk).

What fun activities would you suggest to do to enjoy this very cold weather? Maybe ride on the Jeemo, the city’s first jeepney party limousine.  The Jeemo is equipped with a Karaoke machine. It serves finger foods and drinks (soda, wine and hard drinks). Check this out (some photos courtesy of The Jeemo Facebook page)! 

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