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New Igorot Book Needs Our Love

Currently, I am reading William Henry Scott’s “The Discovery of the Igorots”. The book is about our ancestors in the highlands who defended the Gran Cordillera Central from Spanish conquerors.

In the past months, retired educator Agnes Kollin published “Dateline Cordillera”. Kollin gave a glimpse of the current situation of the region. The book is a collection of her essays discussing about the contemporary issues being faced by Igorots.

Now, a novel written by Rexcrisanto Delson is about to conquer the world. On Indiegogo, Delson mentioned that he is a first generation Igorot born in Bauko, Mountain Province but immigrated to America at age four. He now lives with his family in Chicago in the US.

“Igorotdo: the Ethnic Warrior Within” is about an Igorot in the US whose quest is to connect to his ethnic origin. If we want this book to be published, let us help Delson raise at least $7,000. The amount of money is needed for editing, paperback printing, promotion and other miscellaneous publishing expenses.

To help him raise funds for the book, click here.

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