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Cheers- Top 10% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles for 2012!

LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals, reached its 200 million users mark and tracked its most viewed profiles for 2012. Luckily, our profile is humbled to be included on the list of the top 10% most viewed profiles for 2012!

LinkedIn sent us an email informing us about this good news. This is a very simple reward for doing well online but very heart-warming. Deep Nishar, Senior Vice-President of the site has got a message for us!

Our LinkedIn profile highlights our job as a Public Relations and Communications team member at New Media Services, an Australian company working behind campaigns of web and mobile businesses across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Our profile contains information about our company and the services we offer, our experience and preferences, and our understanding of life.

LinkedIn specializes in marketing the skills of its users. To others, the site may be boring since shout-outs are about the latest job opening, influential businessmen, online communities, business blog stories, and trending corporate topics.

To connect with me on LinkedIn, click here. 

A Marketing Communications specialist on weekdays and a life wanderer on weekends, Christian Lizardo Aligo enjoys working in the real estate industry. For more info, email him at [email protected]


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