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UK Lawmakers Approve Same-Sex Marriage BIll

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom approved the controversial same-sex marriage bill. However, the bill must pass through other stages in order to become a law.

The bill will face another vote in the House of Commons and in the House of Lords. If 2013 is the year of Sir Elton John, the bill will become a law as soon as possible.

The proposed bill allowing gay marriage gained 400 nods against 175 anti-gay marriage votes. Its biggest supporter in Britain is no other than Prime Minister David Cameron, despite his party’s opposition of the bill.

In 2004, UK approved a law recognizing civil partnerships in England and Wales. The same-sex marriage bill allows same-sex couples to convert a civil partnership to a marriage.

Moreover, the bill seeks to enable married transsexual people to gain legal recognition in their acquired gender without ending their current marriages.

Before the approval of this bill, Justin Welby, Bishop of Canterbury, asserted that the Church of England is not happy with same-sex marriage. Pope Benedict XVI must have congratulated the Anglican Church for the decision to oppose the bill. 

Anglican bishops, just like Catholics, still believe that marriage is a gender-based right.

In Anglican doctrines, homosexuals are considered “children of God”. Recently, the Episcopal Church(the American version of the Church of England) passed a resolution allowing same-sex couples to receive a Christian blessing from the sect- but not marriage.

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