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ACT-CIS Partylist Logo Looks Very Familiar

The Anti Crime and Terrorism Thru Community Involvement and Support (ACT-CIS) is one of the newest partylists seeking for a seat in the Philippine Congress.  It’s logo looks very familiar to students in Saint Louis University (SLU).

The ACT-CIS logo shows a hand that resembles a blue dove. The partylist has been using the logo on its campaign paraphernalia. According to its website:

“For the good of all their fellow citizens, they want to facilitate the furtherance of the advocacy of community-based inter-agency anti-criminality programs. They also seek to establish aid programs and similar outreach programs and, to a large extent, provide genuine representation of the professional sector, in the House of Representatives in recognition of such needs.”

Take a look at the logo before we go to something more interesting.

However, the design looks like our logo at SLU Responsible Intelligent Governance Highlighting Transparency and Studentry (RIGHTS), a student political party that has been operating for more than five years. The RIGHTS logo was designed by then IT student Zeus Aranzo in June 2012.

Through the years, RIGHTS has been using the blue dove for branding.

Take a look at the RIGHTS logo and have your say.

We are NOT saying that the partylist’s logo may have been based on Mr. Aranzo's design. All we are saying is that the two look the same. What do you think?

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