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Creating, Registering a Website with

As a non-techie person, I depend on some people when it comes to advanced maintenance of our website. I always tap friends who work as bloggers, Search Engine Optimization specialists and digital public relations personnel.

One of the toughest challenges in website development for non-techie people like me is making a web page more attractive to readers. A drag-and-drop system works perfectly for this concern.

Luckily, we were able to secure a web page from the newest IT company in the Philippines. offers web development for non-techie entrepreneurs and individuals who want a spectacular website.

After going through the process, I gave a good grade. I cannot say is perfect. All I can say is that it is pretty cool and simple to manipulate. 

Read more about my experience.

For just P1, 600 a year, takes good care of the web hosting and website registration needs. I know how dramatic it is to register a site. Here’s the dramatic experience of registering our site, which I believe if I were using service that time I would not have shed a tear. Here's my MMK-like story:

When I learned that GoDaddy was offering domain registration at a lower price, I rushed to grab it. It was my first time to register and I had no prior idea how to register a domain. After doing some careless moves, I discovered that some terms were totally foreign to me. Thus, I had to contact someone to rescue me. Instead of helping me, he confronted me for doing it without an assistance of an expert. I talked to another friend and he was willing to check it. I gave him my log in details and he successfully corrected the errors that I made.  The end!

With Infinite,ly, it was as simple as inputting the desired domain name for checking, then it starts processing. No more other clicks! That’s all. No complicated steps! I did it in less than two minutes.

For our domain, we selected “Public Relations Command”. Anyway, the new site is a service site for our offerings in digital public relations. Maybe we could use it as a command site in the future.

If you also like to experience, check their site now.

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