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Malinias’ Livelihood Thru Tourism Plan for Mountain Province

The ace source of confidence of Atty. Noe Aligo Malinias, CPA for running for Mountain Province District 2 Board Member is not his extraordinary intellectual capabilities. According to the native of Sinto, Bauko, it is his ambitions for the province that is pushing him to advance his career in politics.

Undoubtedly, Manong Noe is one of the smartest guys in the province. I met with him a couple of times to discuss about these ambitions and believe it or not, he has got every reason to advance his career in politics.

Manong Noe has ambitions for us. I believe that is an essential part of a leader. He has got a very practical plan that can be turned materialize once we all support each other.
Here is a more detailed explanation of his platform:

Livelihood Thru Tourism 5-Step Program

1.    Mountain Province- A Province Resort

With the help of Igorot professionals, let’s make ordinances supporting the development and enhancement of our caves, waterfalls, rice terraces, lakes, and other potential tourist destinations to make Mountain Province a province resort.

2.    Work-class Tourist Destination

Through ordinances and resolutions, let’s make the province accessible to travelers by upgrading the quality of our roads. Support the building of inns, view decks, and other infrastructure projects that will accommodate tourists while giving us long-term employment.

3.    Mountain Province Tour Agency

Form and support a province-wide association of tour guides, inn owners, and tourism officials that will sponsor service trainings, quality assurance, and other service upgrade activities. The agency will also strategize the advertising campaign for the province to attract more local and foreign tourists.

4.    Boost the Production of Handicrafts and Native Products

Train interested women and children how to weave, craft works, and other simple money-making enterprises that can be sold to tourists as souvenirs. Support the business of groups and families producing native products for tourists.

5.    Mountain Province Patrol 24/7

Form and upgrade a monitoring team will respond to tourist destination destructions, natural calamity, illegal and unwanted acts of tourists, and road accidents.

What do you think of his platform?

A Marketing Communications specialist on weekdays and a life wanderer on weekends, Christian Lizardo Aligo enjoys working in the real estate industry. For more info, email him at [email protected]


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