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What’s the Political Buzz in Baguio All About?

Is it about simple men who are smarter than the "educated" ones? Look at Manong Dispatcher, he improvised a headgear to protect him from the summer heat and the sun. Manong Dispatcher must be one of the smartest out there! 

Is it about the overcrowded Central District of Baguio City? The Dangwa Terminal is now getting more crowded, and dirtier!  More improvements means more challenges to our officials.

Is it about the Balili River which turned black? La Trinidad folks who are using the water from the river for their crops complain that Baguio people are polluting the source of water. 

Is it about the tourism of Baguio which is up for competition against resorts and international tourist destinations in the lowlands? 

Is it about the products and services that can be found along city streets and big business establishments? In the recent decades, ukay-ukayan or wagwagan centers have flourished pulling the sales of firms offering brandnew goods. 

Is it about the health of people? Is it about the privatization of the Baguio General Hospital? 

Is it about the efforts of private companies in helping Baguio to make the community a better place to live in? 

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