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Nancy Binay's Wikipedia Page: the New Filipino Cancer

Sorry but the person/s or party behind the tasteless Wikipedia page of Nancy Binay  is a total asshole who cannot accept the fact that we've got nothing further substantial against the politician. 

While it's true that we can attack Binay's 20-year OJT, we cannot advance and criticize her physical appearance (kayo na ang magaganda at mapuputi at tama) and other aspects of her life (shame to us Filipinos who are fond of attacking our opponents with below the belt arguments).

Nancy Binay is on the top spot, meaning more Filipinos trust her despite her incompetence as a candidate for senator. Why can't we accept that fact! Oh yeah, that's because we are Filipinos! Again, shame on us!

This is the new Filipino cancer. We do notorious things because we failed to achieve what we wanted. This is the winning strategry of losers! Nakakahiya tayong mga Pilipino!

I'm not a fan of Nancy Binay. I did not vote for her. But the people have spoken, so I shall support the voice of the majority. Never will I appreciate such kind of acts losers do- the new Filipino cancer!

 The New Filipino Cancer: the Philippines has nowhere to go because of this kind of act! Unfortunately, we need to deal with these shameful people. 

 The New Filipino Cancer: What is wrong with timpla ng kape at Xerox? The creator/s of this page might think he is right in doing this. 

 The New Filipino Cancer: This is an updated copy. Former version states that "BInay is married to a white American". What a loser's word!

The New Filipino Cancer: The creator of the page forgot that Nancy Binay is now a Senator (yes, we are sure of that fact, whether we have voted for her or not!)

Here are my earlier screenshots:

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