At three, I woke up to prepare all my stuff. I went straight to the GL/Lizardo Station to get a ride. And saw the long line of people going home also for the 2013 National Elections. 

So I reached Ambasing, my home in Sagada, Mountain Province. That afternoon, the rain started pouring. But I enjoyed the view of the neighborhood!

The next day, we went to the St. Theodore's of Tarsus Hospital in town to get my father's catheter changed. 

Then went to Ambasing Elementary School to cast our votes.  

I was with my friend Lanban so as expected, we went touring the barangay. 

And went to the woods (Langtiw) to reconnect our beauty to mother nature.

And when my stomach gets hungry, you know what happens next :)

At night, we went to the old Sagada Municipal Hall to witness the canvassing of votes. I was excited to know the results. But I was too sleepy to wait.

Engr. Eduardo Latawan won again, gaining his third term as Mayor. The next day when we were on the bus, we saw a big crowd at his home in the eastern part of Sagada (Kal-i specifically).

And we saw this house that was stoned (literally) in Antadao, just a few blocks away from Mayor Latawan's house.

What do I love about going home to Sagada? Sleeping on my bed. 

And seeing the neighborhood that has inspired me to do well in life despite of what typical brains say about me.

This is St. Columba Church (Anglican). We call it "pulistuwan". 

And around Ambasing again....See the scenic spots that will give your heart a meltdown!

And oh, the legendary Store of Uncle Dongail!

And everything that I love about Ambasing!

See that gym? I hope that the next time I come home, I could play volleyball even while it's pouring.

And the girls hunting for lice, opps white hair I mean! (Am I right Jane Claire and Roselyn?) Peace...

And Lanban who, together with me, voted for Ang Ladlad Partylist.

And the businesses sprouting from anywhere to cater to tourists!

And the woods getting less sacred. 

And Manong Obonan's BlackBerry Lane! This is epic! Canada's BlackBerry (formerly known as Research In Motion) should know about this unsolicited promotional activity!

Can you see Mt. Ampacao and the Smart Telecom Tower?

And the houses that never age.

Especially the house of Lakay Badol!

And the house of Baket Samon. 

The electric wires bringing light and warmth to every home.

And  the path bridging every household.

And  the reason why I went home: the National Elections! Congratulations to all winners! And thank you for supporting all my candidates.