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What if PNoy Was A Father?
Accept it or not, President Benigno “PNoy” S. Aquino is running out of time to find a woman (no secondary thoughts please) and father a child (or more).

Nevertheless, he is considered the current father of the Filipino people because he is the president. 

And the mother? Forget it. The public is not interested. Done are the days when the Philippine media was so obsessed with his affair with Shalani Soledad.

But what if the President met someone in the past and impregnated the woman (Biology guys!)?  If he was a father.....

1.    PNoy would tell his children to wear yellow every time they go out for a public occasion. He would tell his carpenter to paint his children's room yellow. 

2.    PNoy would name his first-born son Benigno Aquino IV.  The son will run for office in the next few years. Nancy Binay and Bam Aquino would be his advisers.

3.    PNoy would let his children play with their cousins Bimby and Josh. They would play "Noynoying".

4.    PNoy would be the first one to explain to his children why the K to 12 Educational System is much better than the former system. 

5.    PNoy would tell his children that their grandparents are Filipino heroes. He would use books to prove that Cory and Ninoy Aquino were great people.

6.    PNoy would still be a good father even if he parts ways with his wife. He would share  first-hand marital lessons with his sister Kris Aquino.

7.    PNoy would give a Porsche to his favorite son. But he will sell the car months after to get rid of controversies.

8.    PNoy would ask his children to appear on his series of TV advertisements called “Mga Bata sa Daang Matuwid”.

9.    PNoy would have an intellectual gay son who will help him in pushing for a same-sex marriage bill.

10. PNoy would blame  former president Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo if his children get sick.

That is PNoy, the very courageous man who acted as a father to current and future Filipinos when he showed support to the Reproductive Health Law.

A Marketing Communications specialist on weekdays and a life wanderer on weekends, Christian Lizardo Aligo enjoys working in the real estate industry. For more info, email him at [email protected]


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