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Who Changed the World?
“Who Changed the World”
by Christian Lizardo Aligo 

When I was still an innocent kid, I told myself I will do my best and be rich in just days. Now, I realize I was just bloody daydreaming when I thought of becoming the next Bill Gates.

Presently, all I wanted is to be an ordinary person who can pay for his mobile phone load and can afford an extra cup of rice for lunch.

A different world it turned out to be; even becoming the assistant of the assistant of Bill Gates has now become a mere illusion of an insane man who at age 50 still believes in Disney stories.

Now a grown-up man, my goals compose of the following: being able to talk to my boss to move my deadline, walking up at 5 in the morning every day, and maintaining a certain waist line measurement.

Funny but it seems the world is no longer what we perceived it to be. When we were in elementary, we thought of the world as a circus waiting for us to discover its every corner.

Now as adults, we see the world as a chaotic ground where men cheat on their wives, people hope to win the lottery, and mothers tuned in to the latest news on Kris Aquino’s affairs.

Nevertheless, the shape of the world has not yet changed. It is still the same shape that our teacher told us while encouraging us to buy her new Avon products.

The truth is that the world has not and will not change. Even if Nancy Binay gets elected as the President of the Philippines, the world still remains the same because these assumed changes only occur in a grown-up man’s head. ([email protected])

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner based in Ortigas Center. In the past eight years, he has passionately worked with real estate, software, and IT service brands. To get in touch, please shoot at email to [email protected]

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