Before I could even start a word for this blog entry, my workmate asked me: “sa past SONA niya, may natupad na ba?” 

Rudely, I said “wala”.

I totally did not mean that. Actually, I paused for a second and tried to think of the things that the President accomplished but nothing came to my head instantly.

After minutes, I remember things now. He was able to push for the Reproductive Health Law amid pressures from Catholic devotees. 

How about the main thing that he did not accomplish? Well, he was not able to find a new love.

Anyway, what should we expect on July 22? What will he mention (again)?

1.    “Ito ang Tuwid na Daan” not “Ito ang Dating Daan”.

2.    “It’s the past administration’s fault” not “Sorry but I will do better.”

3.    “We will fight corruption” not “We have fought against corruption.”

4.    “OFW Remittances” not “OFW protection against other Filipinos”.

5.    “Positive international impression” not “Filipinos believe in me”.

5.  "My Father and Mother and Sisters" not "My Name in Noynoy."