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Jeane Napoles Versus Imelda Marcos: The Regal War

Imelda Marcos: It's not about the legs. Everything is about the brain of a person. That is why Ferdie married me because I am more than a beauty.

Jeane Napoles: It's not about who has got a longer pair of legs; it is about the positioning of the camera when taking photos of legs.

Imelda Marcos: Even before I became the first lady of the Philippines, I was already the queen of the Orient Seas. I was destined to have the throne.

Jeane Napoles: Let the paparazzi answer that question. It's not about the pose; it's about the background you are posing for.

Imelda Marcos: A Hollywood sitcom episode was made to pay tribute to my beauty, my shoes and my regality. And besides, Hollywood stars can kill just to pose beside me.

Jeane Napoles: I have pictures with the hottest Hollywood stars like Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake. By the way, do you know who Justin Bieber is? He is a Canadian singer who does not sound like Daniel Padilla.

Imelda Marcos: Media men cover my shopping hobby. I don't pay for someone to take photos of my shopping activities. Just ask Alvin Elchico about. 

Jeane Napoles: I receive gifts from my family when I accomplish something great. When I go to shopping, I just call it "strolling".

Imelda Marcos: Shall we count? I bet it will take us 10 years to finish accounting all my shoes. Many have attempted to start the counting but no one dared to finsih it.

Jeane Napoles: Are those shoes local products made in barangays here in the Philippines? 

Imelda Marcos: Ferdie and all the Gods in heaven know that I am unruly when inside a car. 

Jeane Napoles: Oh, do you mean limo? 

A Marketing Communications specialist on weekdays and a life wanderer on weekends, Christian Lizardo Aligo enjoys working in the real estate industry. For more info, email him at [email protected]


Anonymous said...

WHY Are you comparing Imelda Marcos and her? You cannot compare a Diamond (Imenlda) with a "Puwet ng baso"...

Anonymous said...

Pwede ba! Hindi na kailangang i compare! Hindi sila magkapareho ng kategorya! Si Imelda hindi kailangang mag try. Si Imelda ay Reyna na walang titulo! Si Jeane Napoles trying hard child of pork pweh!

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