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To ALL Media Crews Covering the Sumaguing Cave Rescue Operation in Sagada
An Open Letter to ALL Media Crews Covering the Sumaguing Cave Rescue Operation in Sagada:

(Picture Courtesy of Pinoy Magasin)

I know and understand that we can cover any angle of the story. 

And we can present it the way we like the story to be appear in public.

But please- if I were to request for something that my people need now- concentrate on reporting about the efforts that  everyone is exerting to locate the missing tourist. 

I think and I believe that dealing with the shortcomings of the involved tourist guides, public officials and my folks in preventing the occurence of such incident (yes, it's not an accident at all) does NOT help in easing the situation and does not help in locating the tourist.

For now, let's just concentrate on reporting all the steps everyone is doing to solve the problem. 

The public is interested in how the spirit of camaraderie appears in times like this, not in the analysis of any expert why such trouble happens.

After the problem is solved, then we can deal with other issues like the things that we should have done in the first place.

Anyhow, this is just a request. 

Nothing but a request.

For consideration.

For your responsible consideration. 

Thank you.

A Marketing Communications specialist on weekdays and a life wanderer on weekends, Christian Lizardo Aligo enjoys working in the real estate industry. For more info, email him at [email protected]


Anonymous said...

Very well said. And let's don't forget to include her in our prayers. Let His will be done.

Christian Lizardo Aligo said...

yeah, i am still expecting for miracles. malay tako, naiyanod siya et wada siya isnan tengan di bilig ay naliweng lang.....

Anonymous said...

I agree that the community is doing everything they can, and even then some. The people are steadfast and risking their lives to find her.

Are you there helping too Christian, have you visited?

Anonymous said...

Bakit kailangan siyang nandun? Sa lahat naman sa atin, di ba dapat lang na wag muna report mga kung anu-ano kasi it does not help na napapasama ang mga tao doon. Hanapin muna - buhay man o hindi bago magturuan. Hay apo.

Christian Lizardo Aligo said...

I'm working my ass off here in Baguio. Unfortunately, I cannot just go home anytime. Praying and to beg to media people are just simple ways that we can do to ease everything since our current situation cannot give us the luxury of going home and be with our folks during this tough time.

Christian Lizardo Aligo said...

you're very correct kaibigan. hanapin muna bago ang susunod na kabanata. blaming is an option but it does not help on this very moment :)

Anonymous said...

Anuflang! baka tet ewa naiyanod xa dt naliweng lng sunga egay kayet nadatngan hahahaha

Christian Lizardo Aligo said...

wen waday mangmangan is pinit ya tagumbaw ...hoping tet-eway natatago kayet siya

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